September 2021 Youth Fishing Rodeo

This year’s Youth Fishing Rodeo was limited to members only due to the continued restrictions caused by COVID -19 concerns. Members with children, grandchildren and friends came out to the park for a morning of fishing in the chapter pond. One grandmother brought two grandchildren to get in a couple of hours fishing and enjoy a little time in nature between a baseball game and a soccer game. The young fisherman picture at left managed to catch his very first fish ever!

The department of Wildlife and Recreation loaned the chapter the fishing equipment as part of their outreach program to get youth involved in fishing. Worms and Crappie nibs were supplied by chapter volunteers. Based on discussions with the young anglers, the worms worked the best. In between casts, the participants and volunteers enjoyed refreshments and snacks.

A couple of the volunteers decided to try their luck too. Being kids at heart, they couldn’t resist the temptation to wet a line thinking that a “big one” could be out there just waiting for their bait to hit the water. Most of the volunteers agreed that this was a fun way to earn service hours while enjoying a Saturday morning at the park.


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