Membership Participation Policy

Our chapter’s current membership participation policy was established by our chapter’s board of directors in January of 2018. We encourage all Chapter members to review the policy and the accompanying forms below that will be needed to fulfill the annual participation requirement.

MEMBER ADVISORY STATUS UPDATE: Beginning January 1st, 2021, the participation policy has been re-instated.  Note: All volunteer hours worked in 2020 will be credited against the participation hours requirement for 2021.  

Document Name Purpose
Member Participation Policy OI.pdf Describes the minimum requirements for member participation during the calendar year.
Participation Form OI.pdf This form is used to document your participation at chapter events.
Membership Participation Waiver OI.pdf This form is used to request a participation waiver from the Chapter board of Directors

Note:  “OI” stands for “Original Issue” version.  





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