September 9th, 2020 Chapter Member Advisory Status Update: Our chapter board of directors has approved a Park Workday for MEMBERS ONLY on Saturday, September 12th at 8AM. All other previously scheduled chapter events through September 30th are canceled. Our chapter board of directors will be regularly reviewing the Governor’s revised executive orders as they pertain to COVID19 with regards to whether to cancel other chapter events as we go forward.

    Note: All members and guests must continue to follow appropriate social distancing while using our park facilities.


Annual Chapter Education Scholarship Awards


Each year, our chapter awards one or more education scholarships from our chapter’s scholarship fund that is replenished periodically through chapter fund raisers.

To apply for our scholarship award, please review the minimum qualifications and the procedures for submitting an application carefully, as shown below, and be sure to submit your application no earlier than February 1st, and no later than the April 1st deadline.

Scholarship award winner(s) are announced usually at the June, or July chapter dinner meetings.

For 2020, the two chapter scholarship award winners were announced at the May, 2020 chapter board meeting.  See the Scholarship Awards Recipient Archive section below for more information.  Submissions for next year’s scholarship applications will open on February 1st, 2021.


The Chapter’s objective in offering education scholarships is to assist in the education of students pursuing studies in areas related to the goals of our Chapter.

Who can Apply

The Chapter encourages all eligible individuals who have been accepted into or are currently attending an accredited college, university or technical school to apply.  Appropriate curricula for applicants must stress subjects related to conservation and the environment.

When to Apply

Applications may be submitted beginning February 1st but no later than April 1st, the cutoff date.

How To Apply

To ensure your application will be accepted, we have provided this handy summary checklist to help you submit a fully completed application:

  1. Download the Application form instructions and the Application form.  Please do not re-use old forms from previous years as they may have changed.
  2. Using Adobe Reader©, open the application form instructions and read them carefully, then open the application form and fill in the Contact Info on Sheet#1; fill in Honors and Extracurricular activities, Work History, and Career Plans on Sheet#2; and write an essay “Why I want this scholarship and what the environment and conservation means to me” on Sheet#3.
  3. Save the modified application form (by doing a “save as” from within Adobe Reader) with a filename of your choosing with a PDF extension. Note: the Adobe license that permits you to save the data to a file in this manner is imbedded in the form itself.
  4. When you are ready to submit your application, email the PDF file that you just created to our Chapter email address  as an attachment.  (Note: less preferably, you can print a blank form, fill it in non-cursively with a pen and mail it via USPS to our Chapter PO box : “Attention: Scholarship Committee Chairman; S-N IWLA; P. O. Box 351; Suffolk, VA 23439”.)
  5. Send your current grade transcript (either official or unofficial, both are acceptable) to either our Chapter email address  or to our Chapter PO box address shown above.
  6. Request two references from persons unrelated to you who can speak of your character, leadership, and academic ability.  At least one (1) of these references must be from a guidance counselor or teacher.   Send these references to either our Chapter email address  or to our P.O. box address shown above.

If you have any questions, please contact Scholarship Chairman David Perdue at , or send an inquiry to our Chapter email address  .

Award Selection Process

The chapter scholarship committee, comprised of three chapter members in good standing and the chapter Treasurer, will review, score, and rank all accepted scholarship applciations objectively to reach a consensus on the winning nomination(s).  These will be presented to the chapter Board of Directors by the Scholarship Chairperson for approval at the May chapter board meeting. The winner(s) will be invited to attend the June (or sometimes July) regular chapter dinner meeting for award presentations.


The Chapter’s schlolarship fund was established by William E. Ashley from a donation of Cornelia Spivey in loving memory of her husband Vernon Spivey, a long time supporter of IWLA ideals and its objectives. Our Chapter’s mandate is to award at least a single $500 scholarship annually, in perpetuity. However, through fund raising efforts and from various donations, the Board of Directors is able to offer larger and/or more numerous scholarships at their discretion.  The  decision on how many awards to offer, and their dollar amount(s), is made each January at the Board of Directors meeting when approving the year’s budget. For more information, filter on the Scholarship category from the News menu item.  Also, see how the Scholarship fund was established.


Award Recipients Archive

2020 – Sydnie Matkins and Jack Van Straten.

Our chapter announced two $1,000 scholarships winners at the May, 2020 chapter board meeting.  They are:

  • Sydnie Matkins
    Colorado State University- Major: BS Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology/Conservation Biology
    Future plans: Work with endangered species, primarily waterfowl.
  • Jack Van Straten
    Future plans: Plans on attending Longwood University in Farmville, VA . Plans to study Environmental Science and Political Science at College, with a career in the field of Environmental Advocacy and Policy

2019 – Eli Hoar (Virginia Tech)

Our chapter awarded a single award in the amount of $2,000 in 2019.  Here you can see David Perdue, our Chapter Scholarship Committee Chairman, presenting this award to Eli Hoar.  Eli is attending Virginia Tech and is majoring in Agronomy.

2018 – Eli Hoar (Virginia Tech) and Syndie Matkins (Colorado State)

Our chapter awarded two $2,000 scholarships in 2018.  Here you can see David Perdue, our Chapter Scholarship Committee Chairman, presenting these awards to Eli Hoar on the left, and to Syndie Matkins on the right, during our June member’s dinner meeting.  Hoar will be attending Virginia Tech in the fall and is majoring in Soil Science. Matkins will be attending Colorado State in the fall and is majoring in Wildlife and Conservation Biology. The recipients were also our guest speakers for the evening.

2017 – Jena Cruz (Longwood College) and Kelly Lafferty (Allegheny College)

On June 21st our chapter awarded two $1500 scholarships, one to Jena Cruz (on the left) and the other to Kelly Lafferty (on the right). Both young women are Suffolk residents and are majoring in environmental science. Jena will be a sophomore at Longwood College and Kelly will be a freshman at Allegheny College in the fall.

2016 – Megan Barnes (Old Dominion University) and Nicole Troia (Hollins University)

lores_2016 Scholarship recipients Chapter Scholarship Chairman, David Purdue is shown here on July 20, 2016 presenting the two $1500 scholarship awards to Megan Barnes, on the left, and Nicole Troia on the right. Megan Barnes is a junior at Old Dominion University in Norfolk and is majoring in biology.

Nicole Troia is a senior at Hollins University in Roanoke and is majoring in Environmental Studies.

2015 – Trevor Fletcher (Christopher Newport University) and Nicole Troia (Hollins University).

2015 scholarship award winners

Trevor Fletcher  is studying Environmental Protections and Studies at Christopher Newport University.

Nicole Troia is pursuing a degree in Environmental Studies at Hollins University.

2014 – Samuel Gittelman (Va. Tech) and Matthew Herrmann (Va Tech).

Scholarship Winners 2014 Mr. Samuel Gittelman is planning to attain a B.A. in Environmental Resource Conservation from the School of Natural Resources, towards a career in forest resource management/conservation.

Mr. Matthew Herrmann is planning to major in Agronomy/College of Crop and Soil Sciences. His career goal is to re-turn to Isle of Wight county to work with farmers on improving crop yields while lessening environment impact.

2013 – Joshua Raby (O.D.U) and Ben Stephenson (Tidewater Community College)

2012 – Joshua Raby (O.D.U) and Thomas Westfall (Va. Tech).

2011 – Ben Stephenson (Tidewater Community College)

2010 – Leslie VanNiel (Unity College, Maine)

2009 – Kaitlin Xander (Auburn University) and Whitney Chavis (Wesleyan, NC)

2008 – No scholarships were awarded due to requirements not being met by any applicants.

2007 – Joshua Holland (Va. Tech) and Jessica Estienne (College of William & Mary)

2006 – Jason Herrala ( Va. Tech). 2/8/12

Follow-up: Jason Herrala, who graduated from Windsor High School in 2005, completed his studies at Virginia Tech and went on to complete his masters degree in Fisheries and Wildlife Science at Mississipi State. On December 1, 2011, he started a job as Assistant Director with the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources, working in Prestonsburg (Eastern KY) at Dewey Lake.

For information on awards prior to 2006, contact H.J. Miller, SN-IWLA Historian.

IWLA National Scholarship

You may be eligible to apply for the IWLA National Conservation Scholarship as well, however, this National scholarship is not administered by our chapter.



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