MEMBER ADVISORY STATUS UPDATE 11-10-20: all previously scheduled chapter events through the remainder of the 2020 calendar year remain canceled. Our chapter board of directors will be regularly reviewing the VA Governor’s executive orders as they pertain to COVID-19. Note: All members and guests must continue to follow appropriate social distancing while using our park facilities.

Park Cleanup

To keep our Park looking nice, we schedule two Member work days each year.    See the Calendar for specific dates.

Members bring their own mowers, rakes, shovels, pruning tools, chain saws, wheel barrows to smooth out ruts in the path, clear shrubs from the dam, cut grass, thin out the pine trees surrounding the pond, cut down trees as required, clean up the Pavillion area, smooth out ruts in the paths, and do whatever else is required under the guidance of our Park Maintenance Chairman, Jimmy Fanny.

As always, a hotdog/sausage lunch with fixings is provided at the Pavilion area afterwards for everyone to enjoy!

Park Cleanup2


Park Cleanup3


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