All monthly chapter regular member meetings and all chapter events/activities have been canceled through August 31st, 2020 as approved by our chapter board of directors and in accordance with Governor Northam’s recently updated executive orders covering stage 2 restrictions as they pertain to COVID19 social distancing/business operating guidelines. Our chapter board of directors will be reviewing the Governor’s revised executive orders on a regular basis to ascertain when it will be safe/feasible to add events/activities back onto our calendar.


Documents and Forms

This web page is provided as a convenience to make it easier for folks to download documents and forms that are referenced through our Chapter website.

Document/Form Name Purpose Revision#
New Member Application Form.pdf New Member Application Form. Effective as of 6-11-19. Use the Join-Us hyperlink to submit an inquiry about joining our organization. v2019.06.10
IWLA Park Rules.pdf Document that describes rules that must be followed at our Park.  See Park Rules for more information. v12.12.18
IWLA Range Rules.pdf Park Firing Range Rules. See Range Rules for more information. v2.10.20
IWLA Archery Range Rules.pdf Park Archery Range Rules.  See Archery Range for more information. v12.12.18
ILWA Range Member Agreement.pdf Park Range Member Agreement Form. See Range Rules for more information. v4.30.13
ILWA Range Guest Agreement.pdf Park Range Guest Agreement Form.  See Park Rules for more information. v4.30.13
Member Participation Policy OI.pdf Document describing the minimum requirements for member participation during the calendar year.  See Member Participation Policy for more information. v12.07.2017 (original issue)
Membership Participation Form OI.pdf This form is used to document member participation at chapter events. See Member Participation Policy for more information. v12.07.2017 (original issue)
Membership Participation Waiver OI.pdf This form is used by a member to request a participation waiver from the Chapter board of Directors. See Member Participation Policy for more information. v12.07.2017 (original issue)
Volunteer Waiver.pdf Event Volunteer Consent Waiver with Photo Release Participant Information v4.24.18
Membership Good Standing Requirements.pdf Good standing requirements document. See Membership Good Standing Requirements for more information. v2019.09.09
Scholarship Application Form.pdf

Scholarship Application Form Instructions.pdf

Scholarship Application form.  See Scholarships for more information. Be sure to follow the instructions referenced here when filling out the application form.


Participant Saftey Briefing OI.pdf Participant Safety Briefing v12.07.17(0riginal issue)
registration participation agreement OI.pdf Registration Participation Agreement v12.07.17(0riginal issue)






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