Members, we need your support! As a chapter member, you bring to the table your own unique combination of skills and abilities. If you aren’t already a member of one of our committees, please consider volunteering to serve on one or more of them in an area that most interests you. The first step for volunteering would be to contact one of our committee chairs to see if there is a need for your help and if you would be a good fit to serve on the committee.

Committee chairs as appointed by the Chapter president are shown below.  You can review each chair’s respective end-of-year committee report that highlights committee accomplishments for the previous year and upcoming goals for next year. For members only, to put a name with a face, see our password-protected  members-only membership photo gallery.

Committee Chair EMAIL
Adopt-A-Road Mike Lane (interim)
Archery Rob Carpenter
Audit (Internal) Ruth Debrito
Awards Tim Doxey
Budget Tim Doxey
Conservation Issues Gary Brown
Elections a.k.a “Nominating Committee” Darden Langston
Environmental Education Ruth Debrito
Food&Facilities Setup,Cleanup Claudia Powell
Fund Raising Richard Wentz
Grants Priscilla Taylor
Historian H J Miller N/A
Internal Audit Ruth Debrito
Long Range Planning Darden Langston
Media, Media Outreach, Public Relations Tim Doxey
Membership Chair Alan Ferguson
Marketing Wanda Gerard
Newsletter Editor Ray Powell
Outdoor Ethics Marshall Knox
Pancake Supper Fundraiser Rita Carpenter
Park Maintenance Jimmy Fanny
Park Use Reservations Allen Kiger
Save Our Streams(SOS)/Clean Water Liaison Tim Doxey
Scholarships David Perdue
Scouts BSA – Troop Liaison & Eagle Scout Project Coordinator Allen Kiger
Shooting Sports Coordinator Christopher Ferguson
Speaker Engagement Coordinator H.J. Miller
Sustainability Darden Langston
Webmaster Ray Powell
Youth Program Coordinator Rob Carpenter


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