September 2021 Recycling Event

On a gloriously beautiful Saturday morning, September 25th, Chapter Ikes Mike Lane, Ray Powell, Brian Ramsey, Mike Butler, and Joe DeStefano showed up to volunteer at the city of Suffolk’s “Keep Suffolk Beautiful” recycling event.

Chapter Ike Mike Lane at the Battery Recycling Station

Mike Lane filled up about half of his pickup truck bed with old batteries of all types, shapes and sizes that were dropped off by Suffolk citizens for recycling, with some help from Brian, Ray, and Mike Butler in dismantling various electronic equipment carcasses to extract out the old batteries.

Chapter Ike Joe DeStefano at the Shredding Station

Joe, Mike Butler, and Ray, along with volunteers Marc and Susan Davis, helped Iron Mountain employee Allen Gregory carry the bags of paper pulled from Suffolk citizen’s car trunks to be loaded into the shredding truck, being careful to remove anything that might might jam the equipment.

Each Chapter Ike earned 5 hours towards meeting the Chapter’s volunteer participation requirement, and there was tremendous camaraderie with lots of stories and tall tales told by all, to pass the time in between the busy peak periods.

Volunteers Marc and Susan Davis

As volunteer Marc Davis commented, with a big grin, “I was tempted to stay home but I told my wife Susan that I’d just hate to have to listen to her tell me how much fun she had, if I didn’t go.”

Indeed, it was a lot of fun and several folks noted that they intended to check our chapter website calendar for more information on volunteer opportunities at the upcoming chapter Adopt-a-Road cleanup and Nansemond river cleanup events.

From the smiles on the faces of all those who participated, as exemplified in more photos shown below, and in the smiles you can’t readily see behind masks but that are easily intimated from the eyes,  it is obvious that a good time was had by all!

Allen Gregory, employee of Iron Mountain

Chapter Ike Mike Butler at the Paper Shredding Station

Volunteer members of the Suffolk Clean Community Commission Debbie and Bill Farrow



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