Tobin Award Presented at October 2019 dinner meeting

The Tobin award recognizes the chapter’s most outstanding and dedicated member for contributions made throughout the year. There is only one Tobin Award given by the chapter each year.  Tim Doxey, awards committee chair, is shown below at the October, 2019 chapter dinner meeting presenting the 2018 Tobin Award to Chapter Ike Allen Kiger.

Allen Kiger (on the right) is presented the Tobin Award by Award Chair Tim Doxey (on the left)

Allen joined the chapter in June of 1995, and is currently serving on the chapter’s Board of Directors.  Also, he is our chapter’s scout troop activites coordinator, chief liaison for all chapter-sponsored eagle scout projects.  Allen regularly participates in chapter events and recently stepped up by volunteering to be our chapter park reservations coordinator.

Even though Allen has a demanding full time job, he continues to give his all in support of our chapter’s goals, and we consider him a valued chapter member.

Note:  Tobin awards are presented retroactively for services rendered during the previous calendar year.  So this is why the award being handed out in October of 2019 is termed a 2018 award.

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