September 2019 Park Cleanup

Saturday morning, September 14th, 26 chapter members arrived at the park for the fall cleanup. As a result of the good turnout, the volunteers managed to complete most of the maintenance items on the “to do list”.

Weeds were cleared from the dam, the gazebo area and around the edge of the pond. The grass was cut along walking paths throughout the park. Several downed trees were cut up and removed. Thanks to a donation of material from the Blair Brothers, the access to the firing range was greatly improved. Finally the miscellaneous trash and debris was loaded on to a trailer and taken to the local landfill.

At the completion of work, a lunch of hotdogs, ham sandwiches, chips and cold drinks was supplied by the cooking committee. Below is a slide show of our chapter IKES at work. Thank you to all the folks that volunteered their time and energy in support of our park maintenance efforts.

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