September 2019 Member’s Center Fire Shooting Event

Nine members came out for the Center Fire Shooting Event on September 28th.  The day started out overcast and looked like it was going to rain but cleared up nicely. We had some new competitors this time as well as some spectators. This shoot was sponsored by C. E. Tactical on Godwin Blvd. in Suffolk. Prizes consisted of a $50.00 gift certificate for first place, a $25.00 gift certificate for second place and a C. E. Tactical tee-shirt for third place for each of the two shooting categories.

After the smoke cleared and the scores were tallied the results were as follows:

50 Yard Open Sights- 1st Darden Langston, 2nd Gary Brown and 3rd Jacob Srock

100Yard Open Sights or Scoped- 1st James Anderson, 2nd Doug Failor and 3rd Darden Langston

A special thank  you goes out to David Perdue and Allen Kiger for coming out to help coordinate the event  and monitor safety during the event. Members are reminded to get ready for the .22 rimfire shoot next spring.

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