October 2017 International Bow Hunting Education Class

On October 1st, we held the first International Bow Hunting Education Program (IBEP) Class at our chapter’s park. There were six students that attended, including one chapter member, and the feedback we received was outstanding! The attendees enjoyed the material and the outdoor setting by conducting the class in the park. One student stated, “This is the type of environment we’re in when we hunt, so it was great that you could hold it in this park! It is similar to the real thing.”

During the morning session we covered many topics including different types of archery equipment, how a bow hunter is a key factor in the conservation and preservation of the land, the ethics of bow hunting, and how to make the best shot to harvest an animal in the most ethical way. In the afternoon we went to the range and set up a distance judging course, a mock blood trail, to teach the students how to track an animal and the proper and safe way to install a tree stand. A few students finished up by shooting a few arrows down range. Overall the students really enjoyed the class, the environment at the park and all said they were very glad they took the class and learned a lot!


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