As a local Suffolk Chapter of the IWLA, our strength comes from our Members in that we can operate somewhat autonomously within the grass-roots structure or our parent State and National IWLA organizations, but with this comes a responsibility for our Members to figure out how to apply their own unique skills sets by giving their resources, time, and energy towards helping our Chapter meet the objectives/goals outlined by our local Chapters’ Board of Directors. A good place to start would be to seek out existing committees upon which to serve.  Also, we encourage our Members to participate in our annual park cleanup events, to attend our regularly scheduled monthly dinner meetings, and to help out with fundraising events.

For viewing photo galleries of our most recently sworn in Chapter members, in reverse chronological order, you are welcome to browse our News archive membership category.

Membership Dues

Chapter Mission Statement

Membership Pledge

Membership Policy (Good Standing Requirements)

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Chapter ByLaws

Chapter Articles of Incorporation

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