All scheduled chapter meetings and events have been canceled through July 31st, 2020 as approved by our chapter board of directors and in accordance with Governor Northam’s recently updated executive orders covering projected stage 1 and stage 2 restrictions as they pertain to COVID19 social distancing/business operating guidelines.


Leadership 2019-2020

Chapter Officers for the 2019-2020 Term

President: Ray Powell
Vice President: Darden Langston
Secretary: Priscilla Taylor
Treasurer: Tim Doxey

Chapter Board Members for the 2019-2020 Term

Serving a 3-year term that expires in August, 2022:

Dean Matty
*Neal Forrester
Mike Dumas

*Note: {As of 2-10-2020, Neal is serving as an appointed interim board member until the 2020 elections to be held in July, as a replacement for former board member Dennis Newton whose term ended prematurely on 2-9-2020}.

Serving a 2-year term that expires in August, 2021:

Allen Kiger
Christopher Ferguson
Jimmy Fanny

Serving a 1-year term that expires in August, 2020:

Gary Brown
Mike Lane
Rob Carpenter

Below are listed photos of each of these members followed by their respective contact information:

Contact Information:

Ray Powell President, Webmaster, Newsletter Editor.
Darden Langston Vice President, Long Range Planning Chair, Sustainability Chair
Priscilla Taylor Secretary
Tim Doxey Treasurer, Media Outreach/Public Relations Chair, Awards Chair, SOS/Clean Water Liaison
Allen Kiger   Board Member, Park Reservations Chair
Christopher Ferguson Board Member, Shooting Sports Coordinator
Dean Matty Board Member
Neal Forrester Interim Board Member; {for now, the email address for contacting Neal is the chapter’s email inbox.}
Gary Brown Board Member, Conservation Issues Chair, Fund Raiser Chair
Jimmy Fanny Board Member, Park Maintenance Chair
Mike Dumas Board Member
Mike Lane Board Member
Rob Carpenter Board Member, Archery Chair, Youth Coordinator

Leadership Archives

For the list of officers and board members for the prior year term see Leadership 2018-2019.

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