June 2019 Youth Archery Camp

The chapter held it’s first archery camp the week of June 17th. The camp was conducted by chapter Youth Program Coordinator Rob Carpenter, Chapter Board Member Dean Matty,  Nathaniel Carpenter and Dean’s daughter Malory.

The event was held in conjunction with the Nansemond Suffolk Academy’s summer camp program. Two school counselors and twelve students, ages 8 to 13, attended the camp. Over the course of the week the history of archery,  different types of bows, parts of the bows and arrows were discussed. On the range, safety and range rules were stressed as well as proper shooting form. The students shot over 2500 arrows down range during the five days. Many of the students had never handled a bow prior to attending this camp. By the end of the week they were shooting down range and hitting the targets 90% of the time at 5, 10 and 20 yard distances.

According to Rob,  “all the feedback we received was positive and I was told that some of the students had already asked if their parents would purchase them a bow. When the camp was over on Friday afternoon, the students thanked us for teaching them about archery and hoped they could come back next year”.

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