Fall 2017 Park Cleanup

Saturday October 28th started out with cool crisp air, a blue sky and the leaves on the trees just starting to turn their fall colors. As I drove up to the park gazebo, two does and a yearling whitetail deer disappeared over the hill across the pond.

The quiet morning was soon interrupted by the sounds of weed eaters, leaf blowers and chain saws as members began the fall cleanup of the park. It was somewhat disappointing that only about twelve members along with a couple of Boy Scouts turned out to lend a hand. Even though there was a light turn out, most of the major items on the to do list were completed with the extra effort required by the folks that did turn out.

Lunch consisted of hamburgers, baked beans and chips. Bob said he had added a touch of sorghum molasses to the beans as the “secret” ingredient. What ever he put in them, they turned out pretty good. Those members who left before lunch was ready missed out on some good food and comradery.

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