August 2018 Guest Speaker

The guest speaker for the chapter’s August dinner meeting was Jammica Boone. Jammica is the Hampton Roads Marketing Representative for “Recycling Perks”. The topic of her presentation was ” Recycling in Suffolk”.

Jammica started by describing the basic steps we can all take to increase recycling. She referred to these basic steps as “Recycling 101”. After handing out a “Recycling Perks” flyer, she explained how to order a container, how to establish your pick-up dates, how to set up your house to encourage recycling, what “Recycling Perks” are and how to set up a free account. She also explained what types of materials can be recycled as well as how to identify the category of material by looking at the recycling markings on the individual containers. As a result of some questions from chapter members, Jammica explained what contamination in the recycle process was and why it is necessary to rinse food containers prior to placing them in the recycle bin. Oily pizza boxes were an example of contamination which results in the inability to recycle some items.

“Recycling Perks” is a program to incentivize recycling. Once you have set up an account, each time your recycle bin is picked up you earn points that can be redeemed at local participating businesses in the form of discounts or coupons. In addition to individual recycling perks, there are two other programs referred to as “Give Back” programs. One is the “Sign-up and Give Back” program where new recycling perks members that sign up, using an organizations personal referral code, will automatically donate $5.00 to the organization. The second program, referred to as the “Featured Campaign”, is for those who are already signed up for “recycling Perks” to choose to donate some of their reward points to a charity or nonprofit of their choice which translates into a $2.00 donation to the designated organization.

If you have specific questions about local recycling regulations you can call 757-514-7630 for information. If you are interested in signing up for “Recycling Perks” or have questions about the various programs you can contact a ” Recycling Perks” service representative at 855-813-2154.

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