Archery Class March 2017

On Saturday afternoon, March 18th, Rob Carpenter (Chapter Archery Chair), held the Chapter’s first archery class at our archery range.  About 9 members showed up and shot arrows at various target distances, with guidance from Rob and from the other experienced archers in how to straddle the line, how to adjust sighting pins, and in following proper safety procedures including pointing arrows downrange at all times  and never moving past the straddle line to retrieve arrows without being granted permission by the Range Master a.k.a. “cold range”. Most class members brought their own bows, both recurve and compound ones, while others used the Chapter’s Genesis bows and arrows.

Also, Rob brought his tool box and spare parts, and as promised, performed maintenance as required on member’s bows free of charge.

All in all, it was a very fun experience, and our hope is that more Chapter Ikes will show interest in this sport and sign up to attend future classes as shown on our website calendar. A photo gallery slide show of our Chapter Ikes participating in this event is shown below.  As you can see, Rob has installed relocatable PVC quivers at the straddle line which proved very convenient!

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