2019 Year End Committee Reports

Each committee chair’s report for year-end 2019 is presented below. Note: you can review a list of chapter committee chairs at Committees.  Also, for our chapter members, you can put a name with a face at our members-only password-protected membership photo gallery.

Adopt-A-Road 2019 Year End Report

Submitted by Danny Stephens, Chair

We have a recurring chapter commitment as arranged with the Suffolk Litter Control Office to conduct two separate ditch cleanup events each year. The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) has posted signs showing that we’ve adopted two road segments: a 1-mile stretch alongside Kings Fork Road from the Community House to Rt 460; and a  newly adopted ¼-mile stretch alongside Providence Road from the Community House to Rt 460.

Accomplishments in 2019: Note: Special thanks to Dana Hale who coordinated both of these events in 2019 on Danny’s behalf due to conflicting obligations. In 2019, our chapter fulfilled our obligation and conducted two adopt-a-road cleanup events. On April 17th a dozen Chapter Ikes collected approximately a dozen trash bags of debris consisting of the usual  ssortment of glass and plastic bottles, aluminum cans, waste plastic, cigarette and cigar butts, and some discarded auto parts. On August 21st, seventeen (17) volunteers picked up about 10 bags of trash, a tire and a truck running board.

Plans for 2020: In 2020, we have agreed to attempt combining our two park maintenance work days with the adopt-a-road trash collection efforts on Saturday mornings at 8am as shown in this chapter website calendar extract below.  Reminder, always please check the calendar for latest-n-greatest information about scheduled events!

  • *8am Saturday, April 25th Adopt-A-Road & Park Maintenance Work Day (Combined) with park maintenance crews starting at 8am, and road cleanup crews starting at 1pm.
  • *8am Saturday, Sept 5th Adopt-A-Road & Park Maintenance Work Day (Combined) with park maintenance crews starting at 8am, and road cleanup crews starting at 1pm.

*These events will qualify for work hour credits under our chapter’s membership participation policy as posted on our chapter website. Note: If for some reason we do not get a good turn out of Chapter Ikes on the April 25th event we will reschedule the ditch cleanup portion for a different date/time, but we’re hoping we get a good turn out to be able to split work roster assignments at  8am when meeting at the park pavilion at 8am so that we can accomplish both ditch cleanups, as well as all maintenance  planned for the park as well. Always be sure to check the chapter website calendar for the most current information about scheduled events!

Archery 2019 Year End Report

Pending submittal by Rob Carpenter, Chair.


Audit (Internal) 2019 Year End Report

Pending submittal by Ruth Debrito, Chair


Awards 2019 Year End Report

Submitted by Tim Doxey,Chair

Allen Kiger received the 2018 Chapter Tobin Award for his contributions to the chapter. The chapter also submitted and won the 2018 Best Website Award. Our award was the only one given in this category. We would like to see more members submit nominations for chapter awards.

Banquet Coordinator 2019 Year End Report

Submitted by Claudia Powell, Food&Facilities Chair

We held our annual Awards Banquet at the YMCA Camp Arrowhead in September of 2019. After a catered meal, IWLA National Director, Jim Trommatter presented the chapter with two IWLA national awards: 2018 Best Chapter Website award and an award for 100% membership retention in 2018. The evening concluded with presentation of gifts and potted mums to all the women attending the event. Those members who could not attend missed a relaxing sociable evening with fellow chapter IKES.

The chapter board of directors decided at the December, 2019 board meeting to eliminate the banquet for 2020 and beyond, and instead to present chapter awards at a regular chapter monthly dinner meeting to be held at the Kings Fork Community Center. each September on the 3rd Wednesday of the month.

So this will be my first, and last banquet chair end of year report in light of the dissolution of the banquet committee. Thank you to all who helped out at this event.

Conservation Issues 2019 Year End Report

Submittal pending by Gary Brown, Chair

Food&Facilities 2019 Year End Report

Submitted by Claudia Powell, Food Chair

In 2019, for our monthly meetings, we catered 2 (two) meals and we cooked 8 (eight) meals (including a fish fry by Jonathan Echols and the 1st ever chapter members’ chili cook-off by Joyce Dugan/Wanda
Gerard). We also cooked burgers and hot dogs for the May members picnic, for two park cleanup workdays and for the Teddy Bear Hunt.

In 2020, I will continue to serve in my role as Food & Facilities Chair, and to cook as many meals as possible and avoid catering unless necessary. We have scheduled a second annual members’ chili cook-off for the chapter dinner meeting in February.  And, as always, the our  Food & Facilities committee is responsible for
providing lunch at the chapter park as required to support scheduled chapter events including two park cleanup workdays, a Teddy Bear Hunt, and a Fishing Rodeo.

Help is always needed on this committee for setup, cooking, serving, and cleanup afterwards.

Park Use Reservation Chair, BSA Scouts Troop Liaison, and  Eagle Scout Project Coordinator – 2019 Year End Report

Submitted verbally by Allen Kiger, Park Reservation Chair/BSA Scouts Troop Liaison/Eagle Scout Project Coordinator;  transcribed by President R. Powell.

In 2019, with regards to Park Use Reservations, members made several reservations for park facilities which Allen confirmed and put on the chapter online calendar, and everything went well. And, with regards to BSA Scouts Troop Liaison & Eagle Scout Projects, our chapter sponsored two eagle scout projects; the first was for
the construction and installation of several wood duck boxes around our chapter park pond’s perimeter, and the second was for the construction and installation of a wooden structure to store firewood near the chapter park fire pit. Both projects showed good craftsmanship, were well-managed&coordinated, and were  completed in a timely fashion.

For 2020, Allen plans to continue to serve as park reservations chair and to follow the existing procedures and rules posted at http://sniwla.org/sniwla/park/park-reservations/; also he plans to continue to serve as BSA Scouts Troop Liaison & Eagle Scout Project Coordinator.

Elections (a.k.a Nominating) 2019 Year End Report

Submittal pending by Darden Langston, Chair

Environmental Education 2019 Year End Report

Submitted by Ruth Debrito,Chair/Secretary N/A

Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC) 2019 Year End Report

Submitted by Chapter President, Ray Powell on behalf of Darden Langston, Chair LRPC

To request access to the LRPC report submitted by the Chair of the LRPC committee at the December, 2019 board meeting, please contact the Chapter secretary at info@sniwla.org.

Media Outreach 2019 Year End Report

Submitted by Tim Doxey, Chair

The chapter had several articles published in the local newspapers. One article discussed our river cleanup and asked for volunteers. Another article described our Teddy Bear Hunt. Although we did not submit any articles to National this year we did manage to get one of our photos used in the Outdoor America magazine. For those who may not have noticed, if you look at page 17 of the 2019 issue #4 you will see that National used one of our photographs from the 2019 Teddy Bear Hunt. If you look at the lower portion of the banner you will see our chapter’s name. The National Endowment is using this to promote applications for funding other youth programs.

We will continue to submit articles to local news outlets to improve our chapter’s visibility and to promote our events. As the opportunities arise we will send articles and photos to National for potential publication in Outdoor America.

Membership 2019 Year End Report

Submitted by Alan Ferguson, Chair

In April 2019, Wanda Gerard stepped down as Membership Chair after serving our chapter for many years. Alan Ferguson has taken on the role of Chapter Membership Chair.

Membership Numbers: In November 2019, 112 membership renewal notices were sent to the SN-IWLA Chapter membership. There are 38 Family memberships and 74 Individual memberships. Including family members, our chapter has 187 Ikes. Twenty-one memberships did not renew in 2019. There were seven new memberships joining our chapter in 2019 with 18 Ikes.

We had 35 persons express an interest to join our chapter in 2019. Of these, six joined as members and five are prospective members who are either waiting for Board of Director (BOD) approval or swearing in at the January meeting.

Changes in 2019: The BOD adopted new Chapter Membership Policy and procedures in 2019. Our chapter requires membership applicants to undergo a background check and Sex Offender Registry check before receiving BOD approval. PreSearch Background Services, https://presearchinc.com/ will conduct the background screening. This background search is referenced in our updated membership application dated June 10, 2019. The BOD has established criteria for denying membership based on this screening. To provide our membership with a safe environment the BOD now require our existing members to have their name searched on the Sex Offender Registry upon renewal of their memberships each year.

Business for 2020: 

The BOD is aware that our Chapter is not in line with the National By-Laws regarding family members over the age of 18. We have a number of families with college students on family memberships who per National By-Laws should have a student membership.

Outdoor Ethics 2019 Year End Report

Pending Submittal by Alex Wolf, Chair

Pancake Supper 2019 Year End Report

Pending Submittal by Rita Carpenter, Chair

Park Maintenance Manager 2019 Year End Report

Submitted verbally by Jimmy Fanny, Chair and transcribed by President R. Powell.

The Chapter Park Maintenance Manager is responsible for coordinating all maintenance tasks at the park, such as keeping the driving paths in good shape, keeping the grass cut at the front gate and alonside all walking paths and on the front and back sides of the chapter park dam, digging out drainage ditches when necessary, changing park combination locks, painting storage containers, and repairing any and everything that breaks which includes canoes, wooden foot bridges, fence gates, etc.

In 2019, Jimmy reports that we had two park cleanup days, one in April and another one in September. Several chapter Ike volunteers showed up for both work days so that we were able to accomplish all of the tasks on Jimmy’s to-do list, including filling potholes along the park driveways using donated crush-n-run from Blair Brothers, cutting down fallen trees throughout the park, clearing all vegetation from the pond’s dam, and many other maintenance projects. Also, Jimmy confirms that he was able able to keep the grass cut throughout the chapter park during the summer of 2019 and that he received help from several chapter Ikes with these mowing efforts. All work task hours logged into the park mailbox sign-in sheet by our chapter Ikes were scanned by Jimmy and forwarded to the chapter membership committee so that their work hour credits could be tallied on membership participation forms.

Also, in 2019, Jimmy conducted two inspections of our chapter park pond’s earthen dam seepage rate, pond water level, and other such statistics which were submitted up-line to the appropriate authorities in accordance with our current dam certification permit.

Jimmy mentions that a review of our chapter calendar for 2019 indicates that there were seven scout troop camp-outs at our chapter park throughout the year; one teddy bear hunt, one chapter members’ picnic, two chapter member shooting competitions; several days of archery instruction by our chapter Youth Coordinator; and two eagle scout project completions.

For 2020, Jimmy plans to continue to serve again as our chapter’s park maintenance manager. THANK YOU, JIMMY!

A reminder, all chapter members are expected to follow all the rules and procedures posted on our chapter website at http://sniwla.org/sniwla/park/chapter-park-rules/.

Fund Raiser 2019 Year End Report

Scholarships 2019 Year End Report

Submitted by David Perdue, Chair

Our chapter awarded one $2,000 scholarship to one of our local environmentally minded students on
June 19th, 2019 The Chapter Scholarship Committee Chairman, David Perdue, presented the award to Chesapeake resident Eli Hoar (who was also the recipient of one of the 2018 chapter scholarships) during our June member’s dinner meeting. Eli Hoar is currently attending Virginia Tech and is majoring in Soil Science. The recipient was also one of our guest speakers for the evening.

The Scholarship Committee is comprised of 4 members. We begin to get the word out to the schools in February of each year and begin accepting applications 1 February. The cutoff for applications is 1 April. Contact is also made with local media to publish our scholarship in the papers. Final results of the ranking of candidates is presented to the Chapter Board of Director (BOD) in May of each year. Our minimum number and amount of scholarships is established as 1 (One) scholarship of $500 each year. Each year, the BOD determines how many scholarships and what their amount will be. It is decided on in the January BOD meeting as part of the annual budget. Typically, this is based on the fundraising results for the scholarship program during the previous years. In the past, applications have been submitted online, and through the mail. We have received applications from students from many local areas represented by the membership of the S-N IWLA chapter.

Below is a history of scholarships awarded since 2015:

  • 2019 Stats: Applicants: 7, Qualified: 7, Number of scholarships awarded: 1, Amount: $2000
  • 2018 Stats: Applicants: 6, Qualified: 6, Number of scholarships awarded: 2, Amount: $2000 each.
  • 2017 Stats: Applicants: 9, Qualified: 9, Number of scholarships awarded: 2, Amount: $1500 each.
  • 2016 Stats: Applicants: 8, Qualified: 7, Number of scholarships awarded: 2, Amount: $1500 each.
  • 2015 Stats: Applicants: 7, Qualified: 6, Number of scholarships awarded: 2, Amount: $1500 each.

Shooting Sports Coordinator 2019 Year End Report

Submitted by Chris Ferguson, Chair

Two shooting events were held at the SN-IWLA Park Range, a 22 Rimfire event on March 16, 2019 and a Centerfire Shooting on September 28, 2019. We also picked up a sponsor for the Centerfire Event, C. E. Tactical on Godwin Blvd in Suffolk. It is hoped this was also beneficial for Gary and that this continues. Necessary range repairs were performed throughout the year, both during park workdays and before the competitions; notably placing reclaimed asphalt on the entry path to alleviate a potential for tripping. Thank you to all the members whom supported the range and the chapter activities in 2019.

SOS & Clean Water Liaison 2019 Year End Report

Submitted by Tim Doxey, Chair

The chapter conducted a Nansemond River cleanup in conjunction with the Nansemond River Preservation Alliance in March of 2019. There were a total of 44 volunteers that participated , donating a total of 176 hours. We collected 91 bags of trash, 28 tires and about 400pounds of misc. debris including 3 shopping carts, an over stuffed recliner and several wooden pallets.

The chapter also participated in conjunction with the City of Suffolk during the Clean the Bay Day and the Intercoastal Cleanup events. our members that participated focused their efforts in the section of the Nansemond River that we had adopted under the previous State sponsored Adopt-A-Stream program.

We will continue to sponsor a March river cleanup and participate with the city and other organizations during Clean the Bay Day and the Intercoastal Cleanup events.

Speaker Engagement Coordinator 2019 Year End Report

Pending submittal by H.J. Miller, Chair

Webmaster & Newsletter 2019 Year End Report

Submitted by Ray Powell. Webmaster & Newsletter Editor

In 2019, regarding the Newsletter committee, we received an IWLA National award for Best Chapter Newsletter as presented to our chapter by IWLA National representative Jim Trommatter at the September banquet dinner meeting. The chapter Ikes who serve on the Media committee deserve a lot of credit for this award in that they worked very hard all year long in taking photographs at chapter events and in drafting news articles for our chapter website that were linked into the monthly newsletters. These Chapter Ikes are chapter board member Tim Doxey (Media Committee Chair), and Jim Anderson (Media Committee Club Photographer). THANK YOU, GENTLEMEN, FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

Webmaster duties consist of:

  • Maintaining a chapter email address list in the Chapter’s MailChimp account for sending out monthly newsletters and member advisories.
  • Renewing our chapter’s website annual domain and site hosting package each January; monitoring automated website daily backups on the host site; monitoring updates to WordPress and plug-ins as required, and troubleshooting any errors that occur, restoring from backup if required; customizing website menus and quicklinks as required on the home page to reflect current chapter events; converting photos to lower resolution suitable for posting on the website and in newsletters and maintaining a photo gallery of our chapter Ikes in a password-protected area of our website.
  • Maintaining the chapters’s online cloud repository and assign permissions to allow board members and committee chairs to collaborate, such as for storing meeting minutes, committee reports, working procedure documents, etc.; periodically archiving content from the chapter online cloud repository into a subdirectory named “Archive” to ensure that those chapter board members and committee chairs with only a non-paid free cloud account can stay under the storage limit; periodically backing up the chapter’s website and the chapters’ cloud repository to an external hard drive, secured in a fireproof safe offsite, as a redundant safety factor for disaster recovery; keeping important logins and passwords and account numbers in an envelope in the chapter’s bank safety deposit box.

Sustainability 2019 Year End Report

Pending submittal by Darden Langston, Chair.

Youth Coordinator 2019 Year End Report

Pending Submittal by Rob Carpenter, Chair

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