2019 Rimfire Competition

It was a beautiful, crisp morning on the 16th of March, 2019,¬† at the chapter park’s firing range. About a dozen chapter Ikes showed up to participate in a chapter members & guests .22 caliber rimfire competition, coordinated by chapter Shooting Coordinator Chris Ferguson.¬† Assisting Chris in scoring the targets and in taking on range master duties were chapter board member David Perdue and Ray Powell, chapter¬† president.

Here are the results of the competition, as announced by David Perdue at the March, 2019 monthly chapter dinner meeting:

As David pointed out, several of the categories tied for first place, but were resolved by comparing pattern groupings–the tighter grouping went to the 1st place winner.

22lr Shooting Event 16 March 2019 IWLA Park Range FINALS

25yd Pistol (Open Sights)

  • 1ST PLACE Darden Langston (90)
  • 2ND PLACE Curtis Stone (90)
  • 3RD PLACE HK Goode (76)

50yd Pistol (Scoped)

  • 1ST PLACE Darden Langston (98)
  • 2ND PLACE HK Goode (94)

50yd Rifle (Open Sights)

  • 1ST PLACE Gary Brown (95)
  • 2ND PLACE Darden Langston (92)
  • 3RD PLACE Curtis Stone (90)

100yd Rifle (Scoped)

  • 1ST PLACE Darden Langston (96)
  • 2ND PLACE Curtis Stone (96)
  • 3RD PLACE H.K. Goode (91)


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