2018 Year End Committee Reports

You can review a list of all Chapter committees, their current chairperson and associated contact information (email address) at Committees.

Each committee chair’s report for year-end 2018 is presented below in alphabetical order. A Microsoft Power Point  Presentation (exported to PDF format) summarizing these committee reports, as presented by Dean Matty during the January 16th, 2019 chapter monthly dinner meeting, can be downloaded using this link:  Annual Committee Reports 01-16-2019.pdf


Adopt-A-Road 2018 Year End Report

Submitted by Danny Stephens, Chair

We have a commitment with the Suffolk Litter Control Office to conduct two separate ditch cleanup events each year. The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) has posted signs showing that we’ve adopted two road segments: a 1-mile stretch alongside Kings Fork Road from the Community House to Rt 460; and a newly adopted 1-mile stretch alonside Providence Road from the Community House to Rt 460.

In 2018, our Chapter fulfilled our obligation and conducted two such adopt-a-road cleanup events, the first on April 18th where 41 bags of trash were collected, and the second on August 15th where 18 bags of trash were collected.

My responsibilities as chair are:

  • Announce each adopt-a-road event to our membership well in advance to ensure we have a good turn-out (in the newsletter, at chapter dinner meetings the month before).
  • On the day before the event I pick up a sufficient number of trash bags, gloves, safety vests, and trash pickers, from the Suffolk Litter Control Office.
  • On the day of the event from 4:30-7pm I meet/greet chapter member volunteers at the Kings Fork Community House and hand out equipment, have each member sign a sign-in/waiver sheet, and conduct a safety briefing before the start of the event.
  • At the conclusion of the event I get a count of bags collected, sign each member’s  volunteer participation form to record their hours worked.
  • On the day after the event, I return the equipment back to the Suffolk Litter Control Office along with a cleanup report card and the signed waiver forms, and request a scheduled pickup at the location where we stashed the bags, usually at the chapter park sign.

Next  year, we plan to do two more such cleanups on these same roadways.  Usually our adopt-a-road cleanup events are held from 4:30pm to 7pm on the same day as a monthly chapter dinner meeting, to help boost membership volunteer turnout. See the chapter online website calendar for specific dates/times in 2019.

Archery 2018 Year End Report

Submitted by Rob Carpenter, Chair

We had a pretty good year on the Archery front at IWLA. This past year we opened up the park for the public youth by doing our normal archery shoot after the Teddy Bear hunt and added an archery shoot at our Fishing Rodeo!

In 2019 I am planning on holding the IBEP (International Bow hunting Education Program) at the range. This program is sponsored by the VDGIF and is a required class to bow hunt in several states and Canada and may be required soon in Virginia (one county already requires it)! We will be holding our first Archery camp by sponsoring Nansemond Suffolk Academy and their youth for a week-long class to include safety, parts of the bows and arrows and some different competitions. We will also be working on acquiring some more equipment and repairing what we have.

I would still like to get more of our Ikes interested in the archery range by holding some more classes and to hold 1 or 2 archery competitions. I am even willing to do one on one training. Let me know if you are interested!

It is a great sport to learn and have fun! Archery is not just for hunting! There are several different shooting competitions around the area. Learn and practice archery, who knows, maybe we can see some of our young Ikes competing in the Olympics some day! Hope to see more come out and learn this sport!

May you keep your bows tuned and your arrows flying straight!!

Audit (Internal) 2018 Year End Report

Submitted by Ruth Debrito, Chair/Secretary
Submission Pending

Awards 2018 Year End Report

Submitted by Tim Doxey, Chair

Gary Brown received the chapter’s Tobin Award for the year. The chapter also received the First Place IWLA State Chapter Efficiency Award. This is the fifth year the chapter has received an efficiency award. The chapter also received an award for membership growth. We encourage more members to submit award recommendations to the awards committee for consideration.

Banquet Coordinator 2018 Year End Report

This position previously was held by Wanda Gerard for many years, and she did a wonderful job of coordinating the banquet for our chapter for which we are very grateful.   For information about last year’s banquet, See the news article September 2018 Banquet and Awards Presentation.

Wanda says “Someone is needed to coordinate and run the annual banquet.  It’s simple.  Promote the banquet at the meetings, write an article for the [October/September] newsletter, collect RSVPs, coordinate with the caterer, the YMCA [Camp Arrowhead on Keynon Road] and the treasurer.  I’ll make the hand crafted items for the ladies and provide the door prizes for the banqet [as usual].  One can easily earn those eight volunteer hours with this one thing”.  

Budget 2018 Year End Report

Submitted by Jim Trommmatter, Chair/Treasurer
Submissions Pending

Conservation Issues 2018 Year End Report

Gary Brown, Chair
Submission Pending

Food/Facilities (Setup&Cleanup) 2018 Year End Report

**POSITION CURRENTLY VACANT** ; Submitted by Ray Powell, President

After many, many years of faithful service as our chapter’s head chef for all chapter monthly dinner meetings, cookouts at scheduled events, and park picnics, Bob Barnhill relinquished the position of head chef in early 2018.  We are very grateful for the untold number of hours he spent procuring foodstuff and preparing/serving up delicious meals!

Without a designated chair, the void has been filled primarily through catering for monthly dinner meetings, and by having the President ask for new volunteers to step up for each upcoming chapter scheduled event involving cookouts at the park.

Responsibilities of the Cooking Committe Chair:

  • Maintain a pool of chapter member volunteers who have signed up to serve on the food/facilities committee at the direction of the Chair throughout the year.
  • Procure the foodstuffs, and bring supplies to meet anticipated head count of attendance at each scheduled Chapter event such as park cleanups, teddy bear hunts, fishing rodeos, etc. as shown on our website calendar.
  • Coordinate to ensure sufficient members are scheduled for each scheduled chapter event to help out with setting up in advance of the events for serving folks, and for packing out trash and cleaning up afterwards, helping transport supplies back to storage, etc.
  • Assist Pancake Supper Chair in October and November of each year with planning for the Pancake Supper Fundraiser by taking inventory of supplies/foodstuffs beforehand, helping prepare the Sysco order, transporting supplies to the community house, taking inventory of supplies after the event, and helping transport supplies back to storage.

Park Reservations 2018 Year End Report

**POSITION CURRENTLY VACANT with Jimmy Fanny as acting Park Reservations Chair** ; Submitted by Ray Powell

After many, many of years of faithful service as our chapter’s Park Reservation Chair, Bob Barnhill relinquished the position in early 2018. We are very grateful to Bob for managing the park reservation requests in a professional/fair manner. In the interim Jimmy Fanny, our current Park Maintenance Manager,  is serving as acting Park Reservation Chair.

Responsibilities of the Chair:

  • Chair reviews all reservation requests that come in by phone or
  • Chair must be aware of Chapter scheduled sanctioned events when evaluating reservation requests to avoid any potential conflicts that might arise from attempted concurrent use of selected park facilities.
  • For each confirmed park reservation, Chair will authorize the webmaster to place an entry on the chapter online website calendar, and to reply to the requester with a confirmation email.
  • As the Chair deems necessary, such as for outside groups, a signed Hold Harmless Agreement and Facility Use Request form will be obtained from the requester, and the Chair will present the request to the board at a subsequent board meeting for review/approval.  Such forms will be uploaded into the Chapter’s online repository for record keeping.
  • Chair will be familiar with the Park rules as posted on our website for making reservations requests and for using our park including our shooting/archery ranges/pond, and report any rules violations to the board.

Elections 2018 Year End Report

**ELECTIONS (a.k.a Nominating) COMMITTEE CHAIR POSITION CURRENTLY VACANT** ; Submitted by Ray Powell, President

This position previously was held by Wanda Gerard for many years, and we are very grateful for her efforts in making the elections process run smoothly.   She has relinquished this position as of year-end 2018.

Wanda says, “[We need someone to] serve as one of the members on the nominations committee and help facilitate the actual election, is all that there is to it.”   I would add to her comment that nominations are accepted at the June chapter dinner meeting, elections are held at the July chapter dinner meeting, and swearing-in occurs at the August chapter dinner meeting. For a roster of executive and board level leadership positions, see Leadership 2018-2019.

Environmental Education 2018 Year End Report

Submitted by Ruth Debrito, Chair/Secretary

Facilities Cleanup 2018 Year End Report

**POSITION CURRENTLY  VACANT** ; Submitted by Ray Powell

Without a designated Facilities Cleanup Chair, it has been at times (but not always) difficult to get help with sweeping and/or mopping the floor,  trash-pack out, etc. for our regular dinner meetings and also scheduled chapter events at the park.

For 2019, we would like for this Facilities Cleanup Chair position to be filled and to assume the following responsibilities:

  • Maintain a pool of Facilities Committee members to serve on the committee.
  • Schedule from this pool the resources needed in helping out at all chapter dinner meetings and with all scheduled chapter events at the park.
  • Quality control: sweeping/mopping after each dinner meeting/event, and with packing out trash all bins.
  • Ensure there are sufficient supplies on hand at chapter dinner meetings and scheduled chapter events at the park, including dish rags, sponges, dish washing liquid, hand soap, toilet paper, paper towels, and large size 55 gallon trash bags, in coordination with the Chair of the Cooking Committee.

Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC) 2018 Year End Report

Submitted by Ray Powell, President, on behalf of Darden Langston, LRPC Chair, and Chapter Vice President

The Long Range Planning Committee met on June 14th, 2018 for a mid-year review, and again on December 3rd, 2018, for an end-year review.  For each of these meetings, Darden presented a follow-up report to the Chapter board of directors at a subsequent board meeting.   The committee determines five, three and one-year goals for the chapter with accompanying specific objectives, and monitors the chapter’s progress in accomplishing the objectives.

Media Outreach 2018 Year End Report

Submitted by Tim Doxey, Chair

The chapter continues to increase the number and type of articles and events that were published in local newspapers. Newspaper coverage of our events included articles on our scholarship program, scholarship recipients, our support and participation in the SCCC recycling event, the Teddy Bear Hunt, our participation in the Clean the Bay Day and our Youth Fishing Rodeo. An article was published in Outdoor America on our Teddy Bear Hunt event. We were also included in the article on increasing outreach through archery as part of an endowment follow up story in the Outdoor America magazine.

The chapter has had two articles published in Outdoor America and been included in a third article in the last two years. We plan to continue to raise public awareness of our chapter through local media articles and continued submission of articles to IWLA National for publication in Outdoor America.

Membership 2018 Year End Report

**MEMBERSHIP CHAIR POSITION PENDING VACANT on APRIL, 2019** ; Submitted by Ray Powell, President
This position previously was held by Wanda Gerard for many years, and we are very grateful for her work in handling all aspects of the membership process.

Wanda says, “The membership chair sends out the annual dues reminder, and then collects the membership money (gives to the treasurer to deposit), completes the required forms, retrieves the money from the treasurer and sends it off to National.  And then distributes the membership cards back to the members via the meetings or the mail.  Several times a year new membership information is also sent up to national.  You do not need to be a board member, or even attend board meetings.  Everything you need to do with the board can be done via email.  I will give this up in April, 2019.  As for volunteer hours–tons!  [Although not technically a membership responsiblity], someone is needed to sit at the table on meetings nights and sign people in for the meetings….”

Newsletter Editor 2018 Year End Report

Submitted by Ray Powell, Chair 
In 2018, we published 12 monthly newsletter issues of the Blue Heron Times Chapter newsletter.

Responsibilities include:

  • Solicit content for a monthly newsletter draft from chapter executives, board members, committee chairs.
  • Include in the newsletter draft news articles and photos posted by the chapter media committee including  new member swear-ins, guest speakers, chapter events, fund raisers, awards, scholarships, etc.
  • Submit the newsletter draft via email to all chapter executives and board members, cc: our chapter’s National Director, for board approval prior to the monthly board meeting.
  • After approval, publish the chapter’s monthly newsletter with ETA target of Tuesday of the week before the monthly chapter dinner meeting using the chapter’s newsletter email distribution list.
  • Maintain a chapter newsletter distribution list that handles bounced emails, unsubscribe requests, and new subscriber requests automatically.
  • Mail hardcopy monthly newsletters to the list of chapter members without email and/or a computer via USPS mail.
  • Maintain a website sign-up page for new members, prospective members or just folks who are interested, to  be able to sign-up to receive monthly chapter newsletters.
  • Ensure that leadership at both the IWLA Virginia Division and IWLA National are on our chapter’s newsletter distribution list to keep them informed.
  • Maintain an archive of the past 24 issues of chapter monthly newsletters for download from our chapter website newsletter archive, storing older newsletters in the chapter’s cloud storage archive repository.

Outdoor Ethics 2018 Year End Report

Submitted by Alex Wolf, Chair
Submission Pending

Pancake Supper 2018 Year End Report

Submitted by Rita Carpenter, Chair

The Pancake Supper which is held in November of every year and our most important Chapter fundraiser once again was a success. Thanks, to all the hard working volunteers its takes to bring this fundraiser together. This fundraiser starts in October with a lot of organization and hard work by all the volunteers.

The volunteer member roster requires we fill a total of 3 days of volunteers to work the day before for setup, day of the event and day after. I am responsible for signing members up to fill all work rosters, coordinate schedules, delegate tasks as required and distribution of Pancake tickets to be sold or purchased. Volunteers are needed to fill 10 Roster categories: Drive-Thru (4), Room Setup (6), Parking (4), Setup and Move Equipment (6), Beverages (3), Sign–in-table (3), Table Servers (20), Early Cooks (6), Kitchen (8), Take-down and Cleanup (5). Sign-up sheets are passed around at the October meeting for those members who want to volunteer for this event. The commitment of our member volunteers is what guarantees this fundraiser to be successful year after year.

Park Maintenance Manager 2018 Year End Report

Submitted by Jimmy Fanny, Chair
Submission Pending

Fund Raiser 2018 Year End Report

Submitted by Joyce Dugan, Former Chair.

The 2018 Scholarship Raffle drawing was held September 19, 2018.
1st prize – The Williamsburg Winery – Romantic Escape 1 night, dinner, and tasting.
2nd prize – Busch Gardens Howl-O-Scream 4 ticket voucher $240.
3rd prize – VIZIO 32” D Series HDTV.
4th prize – Busch Gardens Christmas Town 4 ticket voucher $120.

In 2018, thirty-three members sold 365 tickets @ $5 each for a total of $1825.
There were $75 in donations for a total income or $1900. Expenses were $659 for the prizes.
The net profit was $1241.
In 2017 the net profit was $1704.82.

Scholarships 2018 Year End Report

Submitted by David Perdue, Chair

Our chapter awarded two $2,000 scholarships to local environmentally minded students on June 20th. Chapter Scholarship Committee Chairman, David Perdue, presented the awards to Chesapeake residents Eli Hoar, left, and Syndie Matkins, right, during our June member’s dinner meeting. Hoar will be attending Virginia Tech in the fall and is majoring in Soil Science. Matkins will be attending Colorado State in the fall and is majoring in Wildlife and Conservation Biology. The recipients were also our guest speakers for the evening.

The Scholarship Committee is comprised of 4 members. We begin to get the word out to the schools in February of each year and begin accepting applications 1 February. The cutoff for applications is 1 April. Contact is also made with local media to publish our scholarship in the papers. Final results of the ranking of candidates is presented to the Chapter Board of Director (BOD) in May of each year. Our minimum number and amount of scholarships is established as 1 (One) scholarship of $500 each year. Each year, the BOD determines how many scholarships and what their amount will be. It is decided on in the January BOD meeting as part of the annual budget. Typically, this is based on the fundraising results for the scholarship program during the previous years. In the past, applications have been submitted online, and through the mail. We have received applications from students from many local areas represented by the membership of the S-N IWLA chapter.

2018 Stats: Applicants: 6, Qualified applicants: 6, Number of scholarships awarded: 2, Amount of Scholarships: $2000 each.

2017 Stats: Applicants: 9, Qualified applicants: 9, Number of scholarships awarded: 2, Amount of Scholarships: $1500 each.

2016 Stats: Applicants: 8, Qualified applicants: 7, Number of scholarships awarded: 2, Amount of Scholarships: $1500 each.

2015 Stats: Applicants: 7, Qualified applicants: 6, Number of scholarships awarded: 2, Amount of Scholarships: $1500 each.

Shooting Sports Coordinator 2018 Year End Report

Submitted by Chris Ferguson, Chair
Submission Pending

SOS & Clean Water Liaison 2018 Year End Report

Submitted by Tim Doxey, Chair, 11-30-18

The chapter organized and executed a spring river cleanup on the Nansemond River. Members of the Nansemond River Preservation Alliance came out to support the cleanup. A total of 33 volunteers collected 85 bags of trash, 15 tires, 14 grocery carts, 2 bicycles as well as numerous other items including a front door.

The chapter participated in the 2018 Clean the Bay Day. 10 chapter volunteers along with approximately 160 other area volunteers participated in the event. More than 3,000 pounds of trash was collected from five different areas of the city. Our members contributed 22 bags of trash, 6 tires and other misc. debris for approximately 700 pounds of the total.

The fall scheduled river cleanup was cancelled as a result of weather and safety considerations.

We will continue to work with the city of Suffolk and other local organizations to maximize our cleanup efforts. The chapter is also considering what potential opportunities exist for sampling brackish water in our area. IWLA National has informed us that a source of training maybe available to us next year.

Speaker Engagement Coordinator 2018 Year End Report

Submitted by Dean Matty, Chair
Submission Pending

Webmaster 2018 Year End Report

Submitted by Ray Powell, Webmaster and chapter President

In 2018, thanks to photos taken by our chapter member photographer, Jim Anderson, we were able to post a photo gallery on our website of about half  of our chapter membership, in a members-only protected section for which we plan to disseminate the password at the January, 2019 dinner meeting.

In 2019, we plan to continue asking Jim to help build up our photo gallery by taking pictures at each dinner meeting and uploading them to our Dropbox repository. And, the Chapter Media Chair will continue to post news articles directly onto the chapter website and upload photos taken to Dropbox for safekeeping.

Responsibilities of the Webmaster include:

  • Renew chapter website annual domain and site hosting package for 1 year each January so as not let the domain expire.
  • Monitor automated website daily backups on the host site.
  • Monitor updates to WordPress and plug-ins as required, and troubleshooting any errors that occur, restoring from backup if required.
  • Customize website menus and quicklinks as required on the home page to reflect current chapter events.
  • Maintain the Chapters’s online dropbox repository and assign permissions to allow board members and committee chairs to collaborate, such as for storing meeting minutes, committee reports, working procedure documents, etc.
  • Periodically archive content from the Chapter online dropbox repository into a dropbox subdirectory named “Archive” to ensure that those chapter board members and committee chairs with a free dropbox account who need access can stay under the 2GB free dropbox account limit.  Note:  In 2018, we upgraded to a paid Chapter dropbox account with 1 terabyte (equates to 1,000 gigabytes) of storage space.
  • Convert photos to lower resolution suitable for posting on the website and in newsletters.
  • Keep important logins and passwords and account numbers in an envelope in the Chapter’s bank safety deposit box.
  • Periodically backup the chapter’s website and the chapters’ dropbox repository to an external hard drive, secured in a fireproof safe offsite, as a redundant safety factor for disaster recovery.

Youth Coordinator 2018 Year End Report

Submitted by Rob Carpenter, Chair

After my first full year as Youth Coordinator we managed to have a great year with our youth in 2018. We held our annual Teddy Bear hunt with a record amount of youth showing up to enjoy this great event! This event was so popular this year we, unfortunately, had to turn many away. I am expecting 2019 to be just as great! Also this year, I want to say thank you to our Media Chair, Tim Doxey, who spent a large amount of time to research, write and produce our official Youth Protection Policy!

We also held our first Fishing Rodeo for our public youth that will become an annual event. Even though we had to reschedule due to inclement weather we still had several local youths show up. It was a great experience as every child was able to catch fish and even a few that caught their first fish in their young life. We had some that finished their day on the Archery range where they learned a little bit of archery.

Archive of previous year End-of-year Chair Reports


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