2017 Member’s Picnic at the Park

Last Saturday, May 20th, about forty chapter and family members turned out for this year’s picnic in the park. The weather started out a little warm but a nice breeze picked up resulting in a perfect day for a picnic.

Bob Barnhill was the head chef for the event with some help from Will Haas, Ray Powell and Kathy Marchant on the grill. The menu included hamburgers with all the trimmings, hot dogs, sausages, two kinds of baked beans and potato chips. Several members also brought salads, cakes, cupcakes and cookies to share. For those of you that didn’t make it, you missed out on some good food.

After lunch, members enjoyed the rest of the afternoon by playing checkers, throwing horse shoes or trying out the corn-hole boards. Several members decided to see if the fish were biting. Fishing from the bank, Will Haas managed to land a nice sized large-mouth bass just down the hill from the gazebo.

As the rest of the members were relaxing around the gazebo and letting their food settle, a snake decided to join the festivities. With the help of a couple members, the snake disappeared into a hole under a tree stump. Shortly after the snake disappeared, a mouse and her two young ones made a mad dash out from under the same tree stump. With all the people standing around the mouse couldn’t figure out which way to go for a minute. She and her two youngsters soon made a dive down a hole next to the gazebo foundation. Someone said, this has been a good day, all this delicious food, good company and a little wildlife to top it all off.

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